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An actual or proposed acquisition of a listed/ de-listed company marks the beginning of a stressful period for the target company or acquirer of said company.

M&A means the end of a company’s independence, an outcome which in most cases is not a deliberate part of the strategy of a company or part of their long  term vision but can be a useful tool to encourage growth or generate capital for other ventures. The management of a target company involved in the negotiations of an acquisition runs a large risk of losing control in the process and becoming a very costly endeavour.

This can be caused by, for instance, by a leakage of sensitive information released by competing bidders. Management often loses more control if the process turns hostile and management is side-lined in the deal.

In the case of an acquisition, the Management Board and the Supervisory Board are responsible for a careful weighing of the interests of all the stakeholders involved in the company whilst conducting independent audits of the company and its assets to determine a fair exit strategy for those involved. This includes the analysis of alternative solutions, such as a continuation of a stand-alone future, possibly combined with a change in strategy or a restructuring of the company, and the consideration of the pros and cons of alternative buyer categories and wide range of buyers from the necessary perspective of the different shareholders.


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