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Online Client Services

Online Client Services sites are encrypted, secure, password-protected sites that we set up and manage to support both specific matters and the overall client relationship whilst managing the direct interests of the client. Client portals form a critical part of the firm’s Client Service Toolkit helping to improve efficiency whilst shortening forecasted completion times:


  • Secure Access/group access to documents and case files;
  • Online calendar to track key dates and events;
  • Group tasks list to enable effective project management;
  • Effective full-text searching across the site;


  • Run an online deal room / data room;
  • Help manage business specific procurement processes;
  • Help manage multi-jurisdictional litigation;
  • Track the progress of a deal (key stages, milestones);
  • Access invoices,‘work in progress’ reports; and case files securely
  • Monitor actual costs against agreed budget.


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